Nobble The Parasite


One of these days, Wendy-Lee, the cute girlfriend of the parasite Nobble, gets swallowed up by a gigantic worm. Go on an adventurous rescue mission inside the worm. But watch out! The body defenses of the worm are gunning for you. Use your parasitic skills and control your opponents. Can you survive in these deadly viscera?

Team: Judith Armbruster, Sven Beyer, Kasimir Blust, Patrik Brodbeck, Chiara Haurand, Desiree Jeanpierre, Daniel Klaus, Artur Kuna, Rolf Rothgerber

Supervisor: Werner Bürkle, Michael Felten, Stefan Radicke, Johannes Schaugg, Robin Schulte, Uwe Schulz, Simon Wiest

Nobble Artwork