LOST AND FOUND website now online

Lost_And_Found_Wide-BannerYou would like to learn some more about LOST AND FOUND? Well, we have good news for you: The project has an own website now. Go to laf-movie.de to get more information about the interactive short film. You get all news on the project here and on the LOST AND FOUND–Facebookpage.

First impressions of LOST AND FOUND


The project:

LOST AND FOUND is an interactive short film, which allows the viewers to intervene in the plot actively. Cinematic picture compositions merge with action-packed Gaming and create a great fictional film. Different puzzles and games of skill and a creative sound design, which gets under the skin, lead our hero through a thrilling crime-story.


The story:

A man in search of the truth.
Disoriented Vincent wakes up in his devastated home. He gets a call telling him his wife disappeared. He begins to search her, a thrilling hunt starts. Through simple hints and puzzles, which can be found in the apartment of Vincent, the game gets explained and Vincent finds a first hint.
Following the tricky evidence Vincent gets to three very different scenes. They not only lead him to his wife, but also in his past. At the end of his journey, Vincent gets confronted by the bitter truth.
It’s up to the player whether he wants to accept the truth or decide against it.


The team:

Jakob Krechtler, Julian Lindenmann, Svenja Berthold, Anika Klatt, Samira Ehe, Heike Quosdorf, Sebastian Marquard, Johannes Goss

LOST AND FOUND gets created by eight students, who are currently studying Audiovisual Media and Media Computer Science at Stuttgart Media University in their seventh or eighth semester. Together they want to combine the best elements from both fields, film and game.