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Experimental virtual reality game where your body is the controller.
Jump into our virtual TV game show and beat the highscore!


Kinoculus is a new approach to virtual reality. Powered by the Unreal Engine 4 we are trying to make movement in virtual space as natural as possible. We decided to fully omit the use of classical input devices like a controller or the mouse/keyboard. Instead we use a Microsoft Kinect to track the players body and map it to the games character.
Like this, theres no need to implement physics because real world physics affect your body and therefore are implicitly transfered to the virtual reality as well.
The Oculus DK2 serves as the Head Mounted Display(HMD) in this project. In our application we simulate a game TV show where you have to try to avoid being hit by a wall that is moving towards you. To acomplish this you have to imitate the posture that is missing in the wall. If you get through the wall without being hit you gain one score point and the next wall is being sent towards you.
Kinect data is collected in an external app and sent via UDP to the game. We decided to separate this function and make it open source, so everyone can use this to transfer the data of the tracked body to any other application, regardless wich platform/engine you use.


All pictures show a very early stage of development as we are still working on the game:

prototyp externe ansicht prototyp oculus test prototyp unreal editor