Gravity CUB3D – The videos

The team at the Gravity CUB3D project has done amazing stuff over the last semesters. At the beginning of each semester, new members have joined, learned a lot and made sure there is a steady progress in the project.

Among other things, short videos were created to show the design, gameplay or the architecture of the levels.

The first prototype At that time in the CryENGINE.

 First tech demo and play-through after the conversion to Unreal 4.

More Gravity CUB3D screenshots

The project team presents further impressions of Gravity CUB3D!








Gravity CUB3D @ WS14/15



Under the direction of Stefan Radicke, approximately 40 students create together the unusual and ambitious computer game Gravity³ (pronounced “Gravity CUB3D”). Programmers, graphic, sound and game designers, project management and quality assurance – they all need to work closely together to turn a concept into a playable product. This project gives all participating students the opportunity to work together on a video game production in a large-scale project team under realistic circumstances.

Team: Kristina Adlung, Robin Baumann, Balázs Böröcz, Nathalie Bressa, Sascha Can, Verena Dengler, Kevin Dierks, Darja Ferber, Susanna Flesch, Maria Floruß, Karoline Fondis, David Hettler, Lukas Hierholzer, Solveigh Jäger, Rupert Jung, Laura Körting, Christoph Kümper, Andreas Lippus, Ronja Lohnert, Daniel Mayer, Christian Müller, Laura Müller, Timo Müssig, Kirsten Neubing, Marius Oehler, Marvin Pohl, Kathrin Radtke, Kathrin Reich, Felix Roos, Dominik Schelle, Marcel Schmitt, Tony Schulz, Armin Schwarz, Stefanie Schwarz, Daniel Stach, Julian Stoll, Florian Weber

Betreuer: Norman Pohl, Stefan Radicke, Beate Schlitter, Valentin Schwind, Benjamin Wohlbrecht

Impressions from Gravity CUB3D