Mobile Media

Degree: Bachelor of Science

Is there a connection between mobile media and games? Of course!

Games have always been mobile. In the past we had boxes with different games, now we carry tablets and smartphones everywhere we go. And is there anything better while waiting for the bus than having a little game?

But mobile games are much more than casual games on the smartphone. Game development for mobile devices is a combination of effort and reward. It’s an effort because of the difficulty to accomplish a game with narrow capability (CPU, graphics, storage) and on a small device without any buttons or joysticks. But you get rewarded by the variety of sensors, which mobile devices offer nowadays: location-dependent games use GPS, for interaction there are magnetometer and accelerometer, touch screens, microphone, camera and much more. And you can reach a lot of people with mobile games, who may also be willing to pay you good money in return. That’s the reason why the program Mobile Media does not only concentrate on technology, design and usability, but also business models of apps.

If you are interested, there are more information on the website of Mobile Media.


In the first semesters you get to learn the required basics regarding audiovisual media. After the basic studies you can specialize in game development.

You can see the present lectures of the games sector in the table below. More lectures will follow shortly.

Besides the lectures mentioned below, Stuttgart Media University offers a wide range of other lectures, not particularly designed, but also interesting for game development.

Lectures for Bachelor’s degree:

EDV-Nr. Veranstaltung ECTS
113520 Theory of Game Development 6
113521 Game Engine Programming 6
113522 Gameplay Programming 6
113510 Game-Praktikum 8
113426 Game Physics 6
119630 Spieleentwicklung für mobile Geräte 6
113447 Computergrafik 6
113445 Künstliche Intelligenz für Computerspiele 6
113544 Programming Massively Parallel Processors 4
221153 Drehbuchentwicklung 1 4
119320 User Interface Design 5
119660 User Experience Design 3
113426 Praxis der Spieleentwicklung 2
113453 Praktikum Computeranimation 8
221341 Studioproduktion Interaktive Medien 12