Computer Science and Media

Degree: Master of Science

The Master’s degree program qualifies IT-specialists, who gain technological knowledge and skills, but also the ability to undertake executive functions in the IT- and media industry.

Besides the lectures specially designed for game development, you will have the possibility to conceptualize and realize a big game-project as a member of a development team.

As part of an innovation project you can also engage in fascinating research projects, which get worked on by our research group associated with doctorates and accomplished in corporation with various partner universities.

You can find additional information on the website of Computer Science and Media.


In the first semesters you get to learn the required basics regarding computer science and media. After the basic studies you can specialize in game development.

You can see the present lectures of the games sector in the table below. More lectures will follow shortly.

Besides the lectures mentioned below, Stuttgart Media University offers a wide range of other lectures, not particularly designed, but also interesting for game development.

Lectures for Master’s degree:

EDV-Nr. Veranstaltung ECTS
38855 Advanced Game Development 8
34222 Computerspiel-Konzeption 6
34231 Edutainment 6
38810 Moderne Techniken der Bildberechnung 6
34114 Modellierung und Simulation 1 6
34117 Modellierung und Simulation 2 3
34115 Computer Vision 3
38530 Management vernetzter Computer 6
38856 Transmedia Experience Design 6
34220 Storytelling 4