All about gaming at the MediaNight

Every semester there is one big highlight: The Media Night at the Stuttgart Media University (HdM). Last Thursday, January 28, 2015, the students presented their best works at this highly expected event. Next to professional computer animations, short films and documentaries, something could not be missing: The games that has been developed at the Stuttgart Media University.

Last Thursday, the university was bursting at the seams. 90 works from nearly all programs of the university have been presented in the two buildings of the Media University. It ranged from artistic and creative projects to everyday use industrial applications. The projects of the games-students was also a very crowded place. Visitors, professors, lecturers and students did not miss the opportunity to put on the virtual reality glasses or to compete in a round of “Cageball”.
But although some productions were not quite finished, many games were perfectly playable.

One example is the game “Shards of Levataria”. Michael Sestak tells us more:

So an interesting gameplay, in which the mouse and keyboard become unemployed.
The group around Caroline Maria Wolke was also very innovative. You know, there are many simulations on the market. Whether airplanes are flown, the players take trains through the virtual world, or whether you simply control a Sim through its life. But why is there no simulation game in which the player is responsible for a festival? Caroline tells more [German]:


For those who prefer action, the Game Cage ball was perhaps the perfect place. Even girls have not hesitated to try the game. In Cageball two teams compete against each other in order to put a ball into a goal. Sounds like football? Until now yes. But it is not played by feet, but with cars. Similar to the gameplay of Rocket League. More information from Nicolas Reinhart [German]:



Many other productions were represented at the MediaNight. For example the game “Schacht”, which has continued to develop over the past weeks. Visitors could even do battles in a pirate-world with the game “Pirates”. Since Virtual Reality is becoming increasingly important for the future, the team around “Kinoculus” developed a game based on this technique. That looks like this:



Some of them didn´t even stop to play even at the very last minutes of the MediaNight. They just enjoyed a last round of “Kinectivity”



A promising future is guaranteed. Let the gaming continue!